29 Sep

Dr. Jinho Choi gave a talk to the School of Modern Languages at Georgia Institute of Technology. Thanks to Dr. Lelia Glass for hosting.

Quotes from students:

Prior to this talk, I had not really questioned how voice assistants like Siri or Alexa operate, and I was surprised to find that a lot of the underlying concepts behind these processes were approachable. As a computer science major, natural language processing has always seemed very intimidating to me, but Choi's talk has been very insightful in my understanding of the field.

Dr. Choi spoke really passionately about the project and its development. The talk was very informative as well. I learned so much about the development process of a chatbot, and how important syntax and semantics are in this process.

As someone who is passionate about machine learning, it was also interesting to see how multiple NLP models can be used to create a chatbot that is less scripted knowledge dependent, and more predictive and sentiment focused.

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