12 May

2 Ph.D. students and 4 undergraduates from Emory NLP graduated this year:



  • Jacob Choi, BS in Computer Science
  • Ellie Paek, BS in Computer Science and Mathematics; BA in Music
  • Peilin Wu, BS in Computer Science; BA in Physics and Astronomy
  • Zinc Zhao, BS in Computer Science; BA in Music

James, Jinho, Sarah

James, Jinho, Sarah

Zinc, Peilin, Jinho, Jacob, Ellie

Jinho and Jacob

Jacob's mom, Jacob's dad, Jacob, Jinho

Ellie and Jinho

Ellie's mom, Ellie, Jinho, Ellie's dad, Ellie's brother

Peilin and Jinho

Peilin's mom, Peilin, Jinho, Peilin' dad

Zinc and Jinho

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