04 Jan

This application is closed.

Emory NLP is hiring Emory students for annotation related to entity recognition research. Accepted applicants are expected to go through a training session before the actual annotation. Please fill this form if you want to apply for this job.

  • Prerequisite: familiarity with medical terms.
  • The project begins in the week of Jaunary 17th, 2022.
  • You must be a current Emory student to apply for this job.
  • Your name will be acknowledged in research papers describing this annotation work.



This project aims to recognize entities related to Alzheimer's Disease in 2,000 social media posts from Reddit. In the following example, "IBS" (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is the patient's condition, and "Digesterol" is the medication that the patient is currently taking:

I am looking to try a new [IBS]PATIENT_CONDITION medication called [Digesterol]PATIENT_TREATMENT! I would appreciate hearing any feedback good or bad about it.

Our goal is to identify these entities to analyze helpful information for the patient, the caregiver, and the healthcare practitioner. Here are details about this task:

  • Estimated time per post: 3 mins
  • Minimum number of posts: 50 posts
  • Maximum number of posts: 500 posts

Thus, each annotator is expected to complete 50 - 500 posts (2.5 - 25 hours). Once the annotation is done and passes our quality assurance, we will pay $0.5 per post ($25 - $250) with an Amazon gift card.


There are six entity types to be annotated:

1. Patient Condition

This type refers to a medical condition that the author is experiencing. It could be a specific disease or any symptom, side effect, or impairment caused by a disease or medication.

I've been dxd with [Narcolepsy]PATIENT_CONDITION. Excessive [daytime sleepiness]PATIENT_CONDITION is its main symptom.

2. Patient Treatment

It refers to a medical treatment (e.g., medicine, surgery, counseling) that the author is receiving. Note that the condition for the treatment does not need to appear in the post.

I was given a prescription called [magic mouthwash]PATIENT_TREATMENT by my Oncologist. It has [benadryl]PATIENT_TREATMENT and something else in it.

3. Caregiver Condition

It refers to a condition of someone  (e.g. family member, friend) that the author cares for.

My brother Austin was diagnosed with [ADHD]CAREGIVER_CONDITION at 5 and later also DX with [ODD]CAREGIVER_CONDITION tendencies.

4. Caregiver Treatment

It refers to a treament of someone  (e.g. family member, friend) that the author cares for.

Since getting on the [gluten-free diet]CAREGIVER_TREATMENT, my child's picky eating habbits have improved.

5. Unspecified Condition

It refers to a condition where the subject of the condition is unclear or too general.

Lots of people with [dementia]UNSPECIFIED_CONDITION are orginally diagnosed with [MCI]UNSPECIFIED_CONDITION.

6. Unspecified Treatment

It refers to a treament where the subject of the treatment is unclear or too general.

This is an over the counter medication called [Mucus Relief DM]UNSPECIFIED_TREATMENT. Its an [expectrant cough suppressant]UNSPECIFIED_TREATMENT.

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