InterviewBot: Real-Time End-to-End Dialogue System to Interview Students for College Admission

Zihao Wang, Nathan Keyes, Terry Crawford, Jinho D. Choi


We present the InterviewBot that dynamically integrates conversation history and customized topics into a coherent embedding space to conduct 10 mins hybrid-domain (open and closed) conversations with foreign students applying to U.S. colleges for assessing their academic and cultural readiness. To build a neural-based end-to-end dialogue model, 7,361 audio recordings of human-to-human interviews are automatically transcribed, where 440 are manually corrected for finetuning and evaluation. To overcome the input/output size limit of a transformer-based encoder-decoder model, two new methods are proposed, context attention and topic storing, allowing the model to make relevant and consistent interactions. Our final model is tested both statistically by comparing its responses to the interview data and dynamically by inviting professional interviewers and various students to interact with it in real-time, finding it highly satisfactory in fluency and context awareness.

Venue / Year

Information: Special Issue "Feature Papers in Information in 2023" / 2023


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