FriendsQA: Open-Domain Question Answering on TV Show Transcripts

Zhengzhe Yang, Jinho D. Choi


This paper presents FriendsQA, a challenging question answering dataset that contains 1,222 dialogues and 10,610 open-domain questions, to tackle machine comprehension on everyday conversations. Each dialogue, involving multiple speakers, is annotated with several types of questions regarding the dialogue contexts, and the answers are annotated with certain spans in the dialogue. A series of crowdsourcing tasks are conducted to ensure good annotation quality, resulting a high inter-annotator agreement of 81.82%. A comprehensive annotation analytics is provided for a deeper understanding in this dataset. Three state-of-the-art QA systems are experimented, R-Net, QANet, and BERT, and evaluated on this dataset. BERT in particular depicts promising results, an accuracy of 74.2% for answer utterance selection and an F1-score of 64.2% for answer span selection, suggesting that the FriendsQA task is hard yet has a great potential of elevating QA research on multiparty dialogue to another level.

Venue / Year

Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue (SIGDIAL) / 2019


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