ELIT: The Cloud-based Research Platform Where Anyone Can Deploy Their Models

Gary Lai, Bonggun Shin, Jinho D. Choi


This paper demonstrates a new cloud-based research platform called ELIT (Evolution of Language and Information Technology) that enables researchers to build their models for large scale computing using rich resources in the cloud. This platform makes three major contributions to the community. First, it allows researchers to request NLP output for a large amount of raw text using a web API, which can be called by any programming languages. Second, it provides an open space for developers to deploy their models so the entire community can be benefited from the most up-to-date techniques. Third, it integrates NLP components developed in different programming languages into one united framework, which provides a seamless experience of combining these components into one pipeline. The ELIT framework is currently up and running and provides SDK for Python and Java to support both the end users and the developers.

Venue / Year

ResearchGate / 2018


Anthology | Paper