17 Oct

As a reminder: during beta testing, Emora will totally reset and forget what you may have been talking about before. Take it as an opportunity to recreate your old conversation, or even pretend to be someone new! It all helps the development team. Thanks!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Welcome back! The AFK message threshold has changed to 15 hours, and shouldn’t trigger so much if you want to continue the conversation you were already having. 
  • The grind never ends: The studying topic has been revamped and improved. Chat about your study habits!  
  • Emora’s topic circulation has been reorganized so that you can see a variety of random topics quicker. 
  • Plus, language edits and bug fixes in all areas. 

Brand New Conversations

  • Wait, who had the rice again? Emora played Overcooked 2 with some friends! 
  • Still a 5-star movie! Emora rewatched Minari recently! Feel free to ask about it. 
  • Did someone say pumpkin spice? Let’s talk about Fall! 
  • ‘Tis the season of Homecoming! You can talk to Emora about the Homecoming events that you went to!
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