14 Nov

Here’s how Emora has improved in the latest version!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Content has been expanded across the board! If Emora misunderstood you previously, try asking the same thing again. She might have a response prepared now! 
  • Plus, other bug fixes and language refinements. 

Brand New Conversations

  • Gobble gobble! Thanksgiving is coming up. Emora’s curious: are you celebrating, or just waiting for Black Friday sales? 
  • Roll initiative! Emora’s played a bit of Dungeons and Dragons! You can talk to her about it and your favorite class. 
  • Family <3 Emora was missing her family last week. She’s curious about your family traditions and wants to share her own. 
  • Are you a fizzy fan? Feel free to talk to Emora about your favorite carbonated drinks. 
  • So much homework... Feel free to vent with Emora about the daily grind.

After this update, Emora will totally reset and forget what you may have been talking about before. Take it as an opportunity to recreate your old conversation, or even pretend to be someone new! It all helps the development team. Thanks!

You may need to clear your browser cache to see the changes. See “Refreshing Emora” for instructions.

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