18 Nov

Here’s how Emora has improved in the latest version!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • 谁会说中文?(Who can speak Chinese?) Not Emora! Since she is currently monolingual in English, she’ll remind you to please type only in English characters. 
  • A real jokesterTry asking Emora to tell you a joke or two. She may surprise you! Perhaps you can even guess the punchlines... 

Brand New Conversations

  • E-M-O-R-Y! That’s the eagle battle cry! Emora is full of school spirit for our school sport teams. Let’s go Eagles! 
    • (Note: this dialogue was originally released back on 9/30/22, but it was shelved due to bugs. We’re happy to rerelease it now!) 

You may need to clear your browser cache to see the changes. See “Refreshing Emora” for instructions.

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