16 Nov

Happy holidays from the Emora development team! Here’s how Emora has improved in the latest version!

Bug Fixes and Improvements (from Santa)

  • Feeling festive? Send Emora a message on Christmas or New Year’s Day, and she’ll wish you happy holidays! More holidays to be added throughout the year. 
  • Plus, other bug fixes and language refinements. 

Brand New (wintry) Conversations

  • Cold weather got you down? Try curling up with a book! Share some of your favorite series or authors with Emora. 
  • Everyone’s sharing their Spotify Wrapped! So, what’s your favorite music genre? 
  • Do you want to build a snowman? Enjoy some December-themed conversations—just don’t forget your hot chocolate! 
  • Happy New Year! Once the calendar hits 2023, chat about your new year’s resolution with Emora. She believes in you!

After this update, Emora will totally reset and forget what you may have been talking about before. Take it as an opportunity to recreate your old conversation, or even pretend to be someone new! It all helps the development team. Thanks!

You may need to clear your browser cache to see the changes. See “Refreshing Emora” for instructions.

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