13 Sep

Emory NLP invites Emory undergraduates to test our social chatbot, Emora. The previous version of Emora won the Alexa Prize Socialbot Grand Challenge in 2020 with the all-time highest final score of 3.81. This year, Emora is reborn with the crucial mission to be a companion of Emory students, who helps them maximize their college experiences and achieve their academic goals. Distinguished from most other chatbots, Emora will try to develop a long-term relationship with you through social interactions and support your dream by sharing her thoughts and feelings.

Since Emora is still in her infancy, we need your help to improve her language and social capabilities. If you are willing to test Emora for this semester, please fill out this form and come to our first meeting:

  • Time: 9/19 (M) 6:00pm - 7:30pm
  • Location: W301 at Math and Science Center
  • Free pizza and drinks will be provided

We plan to make this testing period as fun and lively as possible by selecting several awardees towards the end of the semester, so please come to the meeting for more details. We look forward to seeing many of you.


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